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Stonex Building Supplies | The Importance of Protective Clothing during Construction

Staying safe on a building site is a top priority for most contractors and although many agencies will operate under their own strict health and safety policies, it really won’t hurt to go the extra mile and invest in better quality gear. Although most equipment will comply with safety laws much of it will be batch manufactured, and with different brands offering varying quality controls; there’s no guarantee that the equipment will perform as well as intended.

Fortunately, brands don’t just offer their products to companies; there are a variety of ways to buy resources and accessories on an individual basis, too. But what types of products should be looked out for when buying construction clothing online and why can they be so much more beneficial than standard issue apparel?

SnakeProtex Snake Protection Chaps

In most instances, contractors consider that protecting their feet with steel-toe capped boots will be sufficient. As protective as this type of footwear can be, it will do absolutely nothing to protect the lower leg, up to the knee joint. This is where chaps come into the fray – and as they are designed to guard the lower leg, they add a little more protection should a stray tool attempt to gain purchase.

Abaco Stonemason’s Sleeves

Although intended to protect stonemasons from unprecedented blows as a result of hammer or chisel strikes – this type of protective gear can be beneficial for a variety of uses. The heavy duty nylon construction makes the composition resistant to impact and as the sleeves can be paired with gloves, the potential to protect the entire lower arm makes this gear a viable option for anyone dealing with heavy machinery and hand tools.

Protective Ear Muffs

When working with loud machinery, it should be a top priority to protect the sense of sound at all costs. Many tools reach incredible decibel volumes and failure to keep the ears free from exposure can result in life-long damage. Tile Line Ear Muffs are particularly effective, as are the Honeywell equivalent. Both prioritise air flow, whilst helping to eliminate even the highest pitches from being able to make their way into the ears.

Chrome Leather Aprons

Aprons, in particular the A2 Chrome Leather Apron from Elliots, can serve a variety of requirements. The unique composition of two split leather panels makes the apron extra durable and thanks to the reinforced steel hiding used, the material is extremely heat resistant, flame retardant and proof against water, oil and a variety of other liquids. Although not a staple requirement when construction certain types of structure – these aprons can spell the difference between a severe burn when welding, and a successful project.