Garage Door Repair

Could Your Garage Door Be in Need of a Repair?

Garage doors come in all shapes and sizes; from those that open upwards, to the more modern alternatives that slide sideways. There are even those that function in much the same way as regular access points – being opened from the front like a typical doorway. Two things that they all have in common is their tendency to have one side facing the external environment, and the way in which they open. All garage doors will need servicing and repair at some point due to their functionality, hence it is important to have a proper maintenance schedule and the right company to look after your doors.

As the majority of doors will be made from heavy duty steel – often tempered to be able to deter rust and damage, it’s not uncommon for them to be able to last for years at a time without the slightest cause for concern. As durable as these access points are constructed to be; they are nowhere near impervious to damage and with so many components that can suffer with decay, wear and tear and atmospheric decomposition, there will be times where a garage door repair project might be required.

What components are prone to suffering most commonly?

Most doors will have the majority of their components located internally, including the hinges and any electronic cables and circuit boards. Although they will be protected from the elements in most cases, without the proper checks and regular maintenance it’s not unheard of for these components to suffer with damage, rust and decay.

If the door is failing to open fully, if it squeaks excessively when opened, or if the access point is simply stuck shut, then it may be suffering with rust. Depending on its severity, this could all but put the door out of action. Sometimes the repair process can be as simple as applying oil to particular joints for lubrication purposes.

Other times components might need replacing, but if there’s one thing that can be said for certain, it’s that regardless of the problem – leaving it untreated can result in further damage taking place. Thankfully, door repair specialists are often able to identify the causes of damage with a quick evaluation.

This can help to ensure that the issue is taken care of as quickly and efficiently as possible, which can save time and allow the entry point to be returned to a functional condition without delay. Although hinges and frames can suffer with this type of damage most commonly; a good repair expert will be able to address any part of the door, as well as external activation points (as can be the case with electronic garage door repairs).

Just a quick spot of maintenance every couple of years can help to recognise any issues before they develop beyond control and management – and this is why it’s recommended to call out an expert every so often to ensure that a garage’s doors remain operational, whatever the weather.