Checking of Steel Connections

Limit States Analysis & Checking of Steel Connections

Bolted Moment End Plate Connection Limcon was developed as the companion program for the ASI book, Design of Structural Connections – 4th Edition by T.J. Hogan & I.R. Thomas. Limcon V3 allows you to check all of the connection types described in this book and many others, including HSS connections.
Design of Structural Connections
Limcon was developed in consultation with the authors and closely follows the models set out in the book. The book can be purchased from ASI or from Engineering Systems together with Limcon.AISC
Base Plate
Limcon is easy to use with many advanced Windows features, such as on-line HTML Help, pop-up Help, tooltips, and data tips. In addition to a virtual reality view of the current connection, Limcon offers printed reports with detail diagrams and CAD DXF output, each at the click of a button.