Custom Swimming Pool With Open Louvre Roof

Custom Pools, or Standard Models?

Having a private pool installed can be a very exciting time for everyone involved and when undertaken by a properly development agency, the leisure facility can provide years of fun and activities for the entire family. Whether the home has been newly purchased, or if it’s simply time to consider investing in a swimming pool – there are typically two options at a home owner’s disposal.

UPDATE the latest in open louvre roofs

Open Roof Louvre Systems have been designed to offer a unique way to add an extraordinary flair of elegance to your pool area. This type of system allows the homeowner to enjoy the look and style of a traditional enclosed pool while still allowing natural light to flow freely in and out of their pool area Because these types of systems are so elegant, it is very easy for homeowners to combine them with other contemporary designs to create a truly unique interior design statement.


When you install an open roof over your pool, you are getting the benefit of the sun’s natural rays entering and leaving through the same area every day. When these rays enter a room, the room instantly becomes much warmer, and this is why these systems are ideal for sun bathing. When the sun goes down, it naturally comes out from under your skylights and will warm any area in the room, including the floor or out door furniture.


Another great feature about installing an open roof is that they are designed to allow air to circulate throughout the pool area. Without air being able to circulate, the house would become very uncomfortable for anyone to be in, and this is something that you do not want to have happen when you are trying to keep the temperature of your outdoor pool area at a constant and comfortable level.


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The first option is to save money by choosing a standard pool shape and size. As good an idea as this may seem, if a home owner is going to invest in a pool, it makes far more sense to ensure that it’s one that they will cherish for years to come without the need for too much maintenance, and easy pool cleaning. The second option relates to custom pools; the likes of which can be designed and personalised in a way that suits the property owner.

These swimming areas can be as exotic or as simplistic as needed. Where standard pools are fairly bland and simply consist of a functional swimming space, customised pools are often filled with exciting features and functions that can make a lot of difference to a families’ leisure activities. With these benefits in mind, you’d be forgiven for thinking that there are additional catches relating to personalised swimming pools.

In reality, there aren’t any notable catches; it’s all down to the customers’ preferences.

The facts about standard pools

These types of pools typically follow a standard design model and are either square, rectangular, or oval in appearance. The option to add stairs is about as diverse as they get, but their simplistic design does make them a little more affordable than alternative models. When comparing the difference in cost however, for a few thousand extra dollars, the option to have a pool designed by a team of experts in a way that will make it unique and exclusive to a property can be quite compelling.

The reality of customised swimming facilities

More and more people in Australia are choosing to have personalised swimming pools designed in their gardens (or even indoors, when space permits). Certain spaces might not be able to fit rectangular swimming areas, or perhaps they will benefit from a uniquely shaped design that takes advantage of the space available. In either event, having a pool customised can provide a lot more enjoyment for everyone present.

It’s not all about the swimming activities however, and there are just as many people that opt to have their swimming facilities designed with rockeries, slides and other exclusive features. Not only can these additional elements add a little more fun, but they also look fantastic – and are guaranteed to be the talk of the neighbourhood.

Automated Open Louvre Areas For Pools

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