Construction & Landscaping in 2018

Demolition, Commercial Construction & Landscaping Contractors – What Can They Do?

Most home owners will have come into contact with some form of demolition project at some point in their lives. From removing walls all the way to clearing larger plots of land, the first port of call for most people will be a good demolition service. Demolition contractors are at the forefront of deconstruction services for a multitude of purposes, but what exactly can they offer to their customers that a little DIY won’t do?

Large scale demolitions

What would take the average person months of hammering and destruction could take an efficient demolition agency a matter of days. Entire office blocks can be destroyed and cleared in less than a week or two – as could any areas in need of clearing in favour of clear plots, or in preparation for a new development.

Private land clearances & landscaping

It’s not uncommon for plots of land to need clearing from time to time, especially if they are prone to build ups of debris. Commercial construction companies agencies utilise advanced digging tools and vehicles that can make short work of any clearance project (be aware that full protection of foundations is carried out)– no matter the size, from removing surrounding trees to knocking down existing buildings and excavating deep into a block. This makes their services ideal for larger plots of land like farms, but there’s no reason why they couldn’t be used to clear garden spaces in preparation for a swimming pool, or other outdoor renovations.

Access to explosives

There are some projects that can be sped up by using explosives; particularly those that relate to large office blocks or apartments that need raising. Industrial explosives are under strict control as ordered by the Australian government and only licensed agencies will have access to them. As a result this type of service is typically restricted to economic demolition projects, as opposed to personal ones.

Vehicles and machinery for hire

Although most deconstruction organisations will be required to take care of projects themselves, due to their training and level of expertise, there will be times where particular vehicles and equipment can be hired – or when individual contractors can provide services on a personal level. This type of service is especially useful during home renovations (both internally and externally). Tractors with digging buckets can be hired, heavy machinery can be rented, or a couple of contractors can be employed to demolish a particular location on a person’s property, in preparation for a new construction.

The above services are just a handful relating to those offered by deconstruction contractors. When hiring a provider it’s a good idea to discuss the intentions of the project in full, so as to ensure complete understanding. In this day and age, demolition experts can be hired by home owners and property developers alike – and regardless of the size of the project, when it comes to clearing and removal there’s no service on the planet quite as effective.

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