Bunding & Spill Containment

Spill control and clean up are critical to the safety of industrial and commercial facilities as well as at home. Controlling spills before they occur is easier and less costly than cleaning them up afterwards. The spill control and clean up operations should be scheduled in advance so that clean up can be done without disruption. This helps prevent further contamination of surrounding areas and minimizes health and safety risk. Most spills occur at the point of entry such as when a pipe or other appliance is accidentally broken. Other spills are caused by leakage from a container or pump and occur inside the structure or on its exterior.

Spill containment is basically where spilled materials, chemicals, liquids etc. are contained inside a drain or barrier in place or not being absorbed in the soil surface. One way to contain spill is to utilize an inflatable spill containment system or a pneumatic spill containment system that is inserted in the outflow of an outlet to create a sealed barrier. In addition, spill control solutions can also be installed within the facility to prevent leaks from occurring in the first place and control the spill itself. (see: SafeWork Australia https://www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au/system/files/documents/1702/managing_risks_of_hazardous_chemicals2.pdf)

Some spill containment systems include spill sensors that trigger spill alarms when they detect a spill. A spill control and clean up company should be consulted to identify the appropriate spill containment system for your specific spill scenario. This can be as simple as using absorbent socks at the valves or other points of entry or as complex as installing barriers to prevent the spill from spreading. Once you have identified the spill containment system, consulting a professional spill control and clean up company will help you choose the most effective spill containment system.