Download Latest Modules - Microstran V9

Users of Microstran V9 with a current maintenance subscription may download the latest program modules from here. In Microstran select the Help > About Microstran command and click on the Check Version button to see whether your version is the latest. Contact your Microstran distributor to purchase an upgrade from V8 and earlier versions.

Each download is a packaged executable file that will unpack creating one or more Microstran files when you run it. As indicated in the table below, a password is required for some downloads. To obtain the current passwords for the required downloads click here, fill in the form, submit it, and usually the requested passwords will be sent to you by e-mail within 24 hours. If any password does not work it probably means that you are using an old password or an old download. You may not be able to download the latest files if your internet connection is via a proxy server - see your IT manager if in doubt.

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Description File Name Size Date*
Yes Main executable @mswin9.exe 4.1M 27/03/14
Yes Non-linear analysis @msso9.exe 1.0M 27/02/12
No Library manager @libedit.exe 1.1M 04/10/11
No Help system @mshelp9.exe 3.7M 24/06/12
Yes Connection design† @mscon9.exe 3.0M 27/03/14
No User Manual Mswin9.pdf 4.8M 24/06/12
No Installation data sheet Install.pdf - -
No Network data sheet Network.pdf - -

If you have difficulty downloading these files please contact for assistance.

In summary, the procedure for updating Microstran V9 is:

  • Submit this form for passwords.
  • Download required components.
  • Locate each downloaded file in Windows Explorer and double-click to execute it.
  • Enter password as required.
  • Make sure the displayed destination folder is correct for each download.

Users of older versions of Microstran (prior to V9) should purchase an upgrade before attempting to use this download facility. Registered users of Microstran V9 may purchase new distribution media at any time as an alternative to downloading. Contact your Microstran distributor for details.

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